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   Source of manuscript: Hou Chao, Times Sports


   As the Golden Week holiday draws to a close, Luneng’s pace of preparations has gradually become tense. On the 9th, the five national football teams led by Hao Junmin are about to end their national football training camp and join the team. On the other hand, with the departure of Yao Junsheng, Zhao Jianfei and Liu Chaoyang, under the current conditions, how to deploy the lineup is a major issue facing Hao Wei.

随着黄金周假期的临近,鲁能的准备步伐逐渐变得紧张。 9月9日,由郝俊民率领的五支国家足球队即将结束其国家足球训练营,并加入该队。另一方面,随着姚俊生,赵建飞和刘朝阳的离任,在当前条件下,如何部署阵容是郝伟面临的主要问题。

   For Hao Wei, the experience of "fire fighting" is no stranger. At the beginning of this year, he was appointed to lead the Olympics in the U23 Asian Cup. From the youngest coach of the Chinese Super League to the Chinese Women's Football Team and the Chinese National Olympics, Hao Wei, like Li Xiaopeng, has traveled all corners of Chinese football.


   For the 44-year-old marshal, the upcoming trip to Suzhou is destined to be a long journey.


  3 will leave the team


   Luneng accelerates lineup adjustment


   After the end of the first phase of the campaign, the Luneng team entered the vacation time. From the 5th, the team sounded the assembly call, and a series of changes began. In addition to the most concerned head coach personnel adjustments, the team lineup has also been slimmed down and prepared for the upcoming championship journey with a sturdy and simple posture.


   On the first day of the National Day holiday, Luneng issued an official announcement: Two U21 players Zhao Jianfei and Liu Chaoyang joined Shijiazhuang Yongchang on loan. During the first stage, Liu Chaoyang got 6 chances to play, and Zhao Jianfei got 3 chances. When Duan Liuyu and Guo Tianyu are in a stable position, the opportunities for the two are not too many.


   Joining Yongchang on loan this time is an ideal operation for the players and the two clubs. As the sixth place in the Suzhou Division, Yongchang’s first opponent in the second stage is the Dalian Club. After Liu Chaoyang and Zhao Jianfei joined, their options on both offense and defense are more abundant, and the journey to relegation is also more guaranteed. Yongchang chose the two young players because of their trust in Luneng’s products. Another Luneng player Chen Pu who joined the team at the beginning of the season won praise from a large number of fans with two goals. Luneng can also guarantee the growth of young players in this way.


   In addition to Liu Chaoyang and Zhao Jianfei, Yao Junsheng is also about to go to the next stop. On the 6th, there were media reports that it would join Zhejiang Greentown, a powerful Chinese team, but there is no official confirmation yet. After the registration window restarted in September, Yao Junsheng was disqualified from the first team's registration, and his whereabouts has been unclear. When playing time is not stable, it is a good choice for him to play in the Chinese League.

除刘朝阳和赵建飞外,姚俊生也将前往下一站。 6日,有媒体报道称它将加入一支强大的中国队浙江绿城,但尚未得到官方确认。 9月重新开始注册窗口后,姚俊生被取消一队的注册资格,下落不明。当比赛时间不稳定时,这是他参加中国联赛的不错选择。

   Currently, Luneng training at the base is in short supply, but this problem is about to be resolved: on the 9th, five national footballers Hao Junmin, Liu Binbin, Guo Tianyu, Wu Xinghan, and Jin Jingdao will end their training sessions and join the team. There was no warm-up match during the national football training camp. The main purpose of the coaching staff is to understand the players' actual status and further clarify the tactical intentions. On the 6th, all members of the national football team watched the movie "Win the Championship". By learning the "Women's Volleyball Spirit", the team's cohesion and combat effectiveness were further enhanced.

目前,基地的鲁能训练供不应求,但这个问题即将解决:9日,五名国家足球运动员郝俊民,刘斌斌,郭天宇,吴兴汉和金景道将结束训练并加入团队。国家足球训练营期间没有热身赛。教练组的主要目的是了解球员的实际状况,并进一步阐明战术意图。 6日,国家足球队的所有成员观看了电影“赢得冠军”。通过学习“女排精神”,团队的凝聚力和战斗力得到进一步增强。

   This training camp has a different meaning for the five Luneng internationals. Hao Junmin has missed many Super League games due to injury before. For the purpose of protection, the Football Association and the National Football Team did not intend to call him into the team, but he himself insisted on training for the national team, and his attitude also moved Li. iron. Wu Xinghan and Guo Tianyu joined the "Tiejiajun" for the first time. Guo Tianyu said when talking about his first national football experience: "This is the first time in my career that I have been selected for the national team. It is my honor. The atmosphere of the national team is very good. , The training level is also high, I can learn a lot. Last year, I contacted Li Tie in the Wuhan club for a year, and I have a better understanding of his skills and tactics. At this stage, my main task is to strengthen the running-in with the whole team. ."


   Accumulate thin hair


   Hao Wei stood in the center of the stage


   After Li Xiaopeng ceased to be the Luneng coach due to physical reasons, Hao Wei became Luneng’s coach candidate for the second half of the season. Since 2017, the famous Luneng has been participating in the daily training of the team as the head of the Chinese coaching staff. Although the takeover is hasty, it can be said to be easy to do, which also guarantees the stability of the team's preparations to the greatest extent. . It is reported that after the start of the second stage, Li Xiaopeng will no longer go to Suzhou with the team, and Hao Wei will lead the way to Luneng's championship.

李小鹏由于身体原因不再担任鲁能教练后,郝伟在本赛季下半年成为鲁能的教练候选人。自2017年以来,著名的鲁能作为中国教练组负责人一直参加团队的日常培训。尽管收购很仓促,但可以说很容易,这也最大程度地保证了团队准备工作的稳定性。 。据悉,在第二阶段开始后,李小鹏将不再随队前往苏州,郝伟将带队获得鲁能的冠军。

   Actually, the job of the head coach of the Super League team is no stranger to Hao Wei. As early as 2009, Hao Wei, the former assistant coach of Changsha Jinde, took the position after Zhu Bo after class. At the age of 33, he became the youngest head coach of the Super League at the time and led the team to relegation.

实际上,中超联赛主教练的工作亚博体彩的网址对郝伟并不陌生。早在2009年,长沙金德的前助理教练郝伟就在下课后担任了朱波。 33岁时,他成为当时超级联赛中最年轻的主教练,并带领球队降级。

   Later, Hao Wei came to the Chinese women's football team. From 2012 to 2015, he became the coach of this team and led the team to the quarter-finals in the 2015 World Cup in Canada, and his predecessor was Li Xiaopeng. Regarding Hao Wei’s performance in the position of women’s football coach, Cai Zhenhua, then chairman of the Chinese Football Association, once commented: “Hao Wei is very dedicated. Although he is very young, he has brought changes to women’s football with his creativity and understanding of football. The biggest change is that it is becoming more and more in line with the international trend. The Chinese women’s football team is young, but regardless of the World Cup, the Asian Cup or the Asian Games, there is a sonorous rose temperament in terms of will and quality. It should be said that Hao Wei has paid for the World Cup for more than 3 years. It paid off, and he is qualified for the job of coach."


   In August 2015, Hao Wei submitted his resignation request to leave the Chinese women's football team. After that, he joined Guangzhou Evergrande as the Chinese coach. In 2017, Hao Wei became the head of Shandong Luneng's Chinese coaching team. When talking about the difference between the work of the head coach and the assistant coach, Hao Wei once said: “The head coach and the assistant coach think differently. The head coach needs to think more from the perspective of the players, and the assistant coach needs to do something from the perspective of the head coach. Matter, help the head coach get some information."

2015年8月,郝薇提交了辞职申请,要求离开中国女足。之后,他加入广州恒大担任中国教练。 2017年,郝薇成为山东鲁能中国教练团队的负责人。在谈到主教练和助理教练的工作差异时,郝伟曾经说过:“主教练和助理教练的想法不同。主教练需要从球员的角度思考更多,助理教练需要从主教练的角度做一些事情。很重要,请帮助总教练获得一些信息。”

   "Fire fighting" is a key word in Hao Wei's coaching career. In September 2019, Hiddink, who coached the Olympics for less than a year, left, and Hao Wei led the team to the U23 Asian Cup as the executive coach. This time the experience is hard to say complete. China National Olympics also bid farewell to the Tokyo Olympics with a three-game losing streak, but its responsibility to take over the team under the condition of insufficient preparation time reflects its sense of responsibility for Chinese football.

“消防”是郝伟执教生涯的关键词。 2019年9月,执教奥运会不到一年的希丁克离开了球队,郝炜带领球队参加了U23亚洲杯的执行教练。这次的经历很难说是完整的。中国国家奥林匹克运动会也以三连败告别了东京奥运会,但在准备时间不足的情况下接手中国队的责任反映了中国足球的责任感。

The second stage of the game against Guoan is destined to be difficult for Luneng. Guoan, who scored 36 goals in the first stage, is currently the team with the strongest offensive firepower, while Luneng, who has only lost 11 shots, has the strongest defense in the Super League. . After Hao Wei took over the team, he must not only ensure the stability of the team's defense, but also try more routines in the offensive link to bring more fresh changes to the team in the cruel knockout.

对阵国安队的第二阶段注定对鲁能来说是困难的。国安在第一阶段攻入36球,是目前进攻火力最强的球队,而仅输掉11球的鲁能则是中超联赛中最强的防守。 。郝玮接任球队后,他不仅必须确保球队防守的稳定性,而且还必须在进攻环节尝试更多常规手段,以便在残酷的淘汰赛中为球队带来更多新鲜的变化。

   "Expectation and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair." After standing in the center of the stage, Hao Weineng handed over what kind of answer sheet, let us wait and see.


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