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There are still many excellent Tianjin football players active in the current Chinese football. Among the more famous players are Wang Gang, who currently plays for Beijing Guoan, Wu Xinghan who plays for Shandong Luneng Taishan, and Zhang Cheng who plays for Tianjin Tianhai. But from another perspective, compared with the talents that Tianjin Football has delivered to Chinese football, Tianjin Football Club has not been able to occupy an important position in the professionalization of Chinese football in the past 26 years, even if it is recognized as Chinese football. The "veteran" Tianjin TEDA only won a Chinese Super League runner-up in the 2010 season. In recent years, it has become an uncompromising relegation team.

在目前的中国足球比赛中,仍有许多优秀的天津足球运动员活跃。较著名的球员中有目前为北京国安队效力的王刚,为山东鲁能泰山队效力的吴兴汉和为天津天海队效力的张诚。但是从另一个角度看,与天津足球向中国足球提供的人才相比,即使过去被公认是中国足球,天津足球俱乐部在过去的26年中也未能在中国足球专业化中占据重要地位。 。 “老将”天津泰达仅在2010赛季获得了中国超级联赛亚军。近年来,它已成为一支毫不妥协的保级队伍。

Under such a background environment, Tianjin’s football market is gradually depressed because of the club’s poor performance. Just when people think that the once-megaworld "Tianmen Tiger" is about to turn into a long darkness, a new Tianjin football club relies on High investment and reasonable operation have overwhelmed Tianjin TEDA's limelight in just a few seasons and became the vanguard of Tianjin football. This club is the glorious Tianjin Quanjian.


On July 7, 2015, Tianjin Songjiang Football Club and Quanjian Group, which were only the relegation team of China, jointly held a press conference to officially announce to all walks of life that Quanjian Group will acquire Tianjin Songjiang Football Club and change its name to Tianjin Quanjian Football Club. Although Quanjian Group has a strong background, the vast majority of Tianjin fans at that time still did not believe that such a commercial group that had been in the football business for a short time could make a name for itself in the increasingly competitive Chinese football scene. At that time, Shu Yuhui, chairman of Tianjin Quanjian Company, used a high investment unprecedented in the history of Tianjin Football Club to make doubts disappear. Not long after the establishment of Tianjin Quanjian Club, Shu Yuhui first spent 10 million euros to invite Brazilian coach Wandre Luxemburg as the new coach of the team. You know, Luxemburg has coached the Brazilian national team and La Liga giants. Real Madrid, in his capacity, is willing to condescend to come to China to coach, one can imagine Shu Yuhui's tremendous efforts in many aspects.

2015年7月7日,仅是中国保级球队的天津松江足球俱乐部和全建集团共同召开新闻发布会,向各行各业正式宣布全建集团将收购天津松江足球俱乐部并将其更名为天津全剑足球俱乐部。尽管权健集团有很强的背景,但当时的绝大多数天津球迷仍然不相信这样一个在足球行业中短暂经营过的商业集团可以在竞争日益激烈的中国足球界脱颖而出。 。当时,天津全建公司董事长舒玉辉用天津足球俱乐部历史上空前的巨额投资使疑虑消失了。天津全剑俱乐部成立不久后,舒玉辉首先斥资1000万欧元邀请巴西教练范德勒·卢森堡出任球队新任教练。您知道,卢森堡曾执教巴西国家队和西甲豪门。皇马以自己的身份愿意屈居中国教练,可以想象舒宇辉在很多方面的巨大努力。

Just when people were surprised that world famous coach Rosenborg took over Tianjin Quanjian, Quanjian Group’s transformation of the main lineup of Tianjin Quanjian Club has quietly begun. During the winter window transfer period of the 2016 season, Tianjin Quanjian, who was not bad for money, introduced former Brazilian internationals Fabiano, Judson, and Glovanho, and later signed the naturalized players of Hong Kong, Jilanma and Guangzhou. R&F player Zhang Shuo, Jiangsu Sainty player Sun Ke, Liaoning football goalkeeper Zhang Lu, Guangzhou Evergrande international midfielder Zhao Xuri, France Lyon youth training player Zhang Xiuwei, Portugal Torres United player Yan Zihao, Portugal New Pinal club Player Liu Yiming and Shanghai SIPG player Zheng Dalun. This series of blockbuster signings directly made the transfer investment of the Chinese League in the winter window of the season jumped to the fourth place in the world (after the Chinese Super League, the Premier League and Serie A).


Having invested so much money, Shu Yuhui's attitude is also very clear: win the Chinese League Championship and rush to the Super League. However, judging from Rusenberg’s performance during his coaching period, the former Brazil national team coach did not perform well in the task given to him by Quanjian Group. Tianjin Quanjian achieved 4 wins and 1 draw in the first 5 rounds of the 2016 Chinese League. Suddenly there was a crash. They were difficult to win in the next 7 rounds, and they fell directly from the top of the league to 9th. The team was not only far away from the league champion (at that time and the top Qingdao Huanghai already had 11 Points gap), and there are even signs of falling into the relegation zone. Against this background, Quan Jian’s boss Shu Yuhui promptly fired the under-performing Brazilian coach Rusenberg, and instead hired the former Guangzhou Evergrande head coach and the only player in football history with a high annual salary of 5 million euros. A golden ball guard Fabio Cannavaro.

投入了这么多钱,舒玉辉的态度也很明确:赢得中国联赛冠军,冲向中超。但是,从鲁森伯格在执教期间的表现来看,这位前巴西国家队教练在权健集团提供给他的任务中表现不佳。天津全剑在2016年中国联赛前5轮比赛中取得4胜1平的成绩。突然发生了车祸。他们很难在接下来的7个回合中获胜,他们直接从联盟高位下降到第9位。车队不仅与联赛冠军相距遥远(当时,青岛黄海的顶级车手已经有11分的差距),甚至有降落到降级区的迹象。在这种背景下,权健的老板舒玉辉立即解雇了表现不佳的巴西教练鲁森伯格,转而聘请了前广州恒大队主教练和足球史上唯一一位年薪高达500万欧元的球员。金色的后卫Fabio Cannavaro。

Immediately after taking office, Cannavaro carried out a series of reforms to the slightly failed internal operation of Rosenborg. The locker room, which was originally dissatisfied with the training method of Rosenborg, also stabilized under the training of the Italians. On June 12, Tianjin Quanjian, who had just experienced a coaching change, ushered in the challenge of Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan at his home court. In the 58th minute, Tianjin Quanjian defeated his opponent with a single shot from Judson and ended the club’s 7 rounds. An embarrassing record. As far as the performance of this game is concerned, Cannavaro, who has just arrived, has not been able to bring an immediate change to the team's tactics. The Brazilian trio, who had scored a lot of goals at the beginning of the season, did not contribute. How many really threatening offenses, in general, although Tianjin Quanjian ended 7 rounds of invincibility, but the overall technical and tactical level has not been effectively improved.

上任后,卡纳瓦罗立即对罗森堡州稍有失败的内部运营进行了一系列改革。更衣室最初对罗森堡的训练方法不满意,但在意大利人的训练下也变得稳定。 6月12日,刚刚经历过教练变更的天津全健在自己的主场迎来了新疆雪豹纳欢的挑战。在第58分钟,天津全剑以贾德森的一杆优势击败了对手,并结束了俱乐部的7轮比赛。令人尴尬的记录。就本场比赛的表现而言,刚到的卡纳瓦罗(Cannavaro)未能立即改变球队的战术。巴西三人组在本赛季初打进了很多进球,却没有贡献。多少次真正威胁性的进攻,一般来说,尽管天津全剑结束了7轮无敌竞赛,但总体技术战术水平并未得到有效提高。

Under the pressure of the huge record, Cannavaro showed an unusually firm determination. After determining the most basic tactical idea with the Brazilian Trident as the core of the attack, the Italian coach ordered Sun Ke to have a strong Players with running ability formed a two-point kick outflank system around the three. Although this tactic is much simpler than that of the Luxemburg period, it has an unexpected effect in the Chinese League where the overall strength is not outstanding-since Cannavaro took office on June 9, 2019, this The fledgling Italian coach led Tianjin Quanjian, who had a sluggish record at the time, to a five-game winning streak in the Chinese League (June 12, 1-0 victory over Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan, and a 2:1 home victory over Guizhou Hengcheng on June 19th. Feng Zhicheng, defeated Meizhou Hakka 3:1 away on June 25, beat Qingdao Huanghai 5:1 at home on July 2, and beat Zhejiang Yiteng 4:0 at home on July 9). These 5 victories allowed Cannavaro to completely stabilize the position of Tianjin Quanjian's team, and the team also improved its ranking from the middle of the standings to the top three.

在庞大唱片的压力下,卡纳瓦罗表现出了坚定的决心。在确定了以巴西三叉戟为进攻核心的最基本战术构想后,意大利教练下令孙科让一名具有强大奔跑能力的球员形成围绕三分球的两分球门侧翼系统。尽管这种策略比卢森堡时期的策略简单得多,但它在中国联赛中却发挥了出乎意料的效果,因为卡纳瓦罗自2019年6月9日上任以来,中国联赛的整体实力并不突出。这位意大利羽翼未丰的意大利教练率领天津全剑当时的战绩不佳,在中国联赛中取得了五连胜(6月12日,1-0击败新疆雪豹纳欢,6月19日以2:1主场击败贵州横城。冯志成, 6月25日以3:1击败梅州客家,7月2日以5:1击败青岛黄海,7月9日以4:0击败浙江一腾4)。这5场胜利使Cannavaro完全稳定了天津全剑队的位置,并且该队的排名也从中间排名提高到了前三名。

Although Tianjin Quanjian after five consecutive victories has also experienced a short period of ups and downs due to the targeted tactical deployment of other teams in the Chinese League, overall Cannavaro has constructed a solid and lasting set for the team. And closer to the tactical system of advanced football concepts, they have achieved 10 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in the 14 league games since then. They finally won the Chinese League after defeating the Meizhou Hakka 3:0 at home on October 22, 2016. League championship.

尽管由于中国联赛中其他球队的有针对性的战术部署,天津全剑在连续五场胜利后也经历了短暂的跌宕起伏,但总体而言,卡纳瓦罗为球队构建了坚实而持久的阵地。此后,他们更接近高级足球概念的战术体系,在14场联赛中取得了10胜1平3负的成绩。 2016年10月22日,他们在主场以3:0击败梅州客家后赢得了中国联赛冠军。

In the case of a bad start, he led the team to win the title of China. This result also allowed Cannavaro to continue to serve as the team's head coach in the new season. For Tianjin Quanjian Group, Fabinho and other foreign players have performed quite well in the Chinese League, but they are old after all, and it is not enough to make a difference in the fiercely competitive Chinese Super League. Therefore, Shu Yuhui continued to increase investment. Tianjin Quanjian first introduced active Belgian international midfielder Witsel from Zenit of the Russian Super League on January 4, 2017 (weekly salary reached 345,000 euros, annual salary is about 18 million euros, ranking 8th in world football at the time), and then officially announced on February 1 that the former Golden Boy Award winner Pato was introduced from La Liga’s Villarreal club with a transfer fee of 18 million euros. . At the same time, the team, under Cannavaro’s hand-picking, once again invested heavily in March to introduce South Korean international defender Kwon Kyungwon from UAE club Ahli, who also became the only one who experienced Quan Gun-Cheon Hae Changing foreign aid.

万一开局不佳,他带领球队赢得了中国冠军。这一结果也使卡纳瓦罗在新赛季继续担任球队的主教练。对于天津全剑集团,法比尼奥和其他外国球员在中国联赛中表现不错,但他们毕竟老了,还不足以在竞争激烈的中国超级联赛中有所作为。因此,束玉辉继续增加投资。天津全剑于2017年1月4日首次从俄罗斯超级联赛的泽尼特引进活跃的比利时国际中场维瑟(周薪达到34.5万欧元,年薪约1800万欧元,在当时世界足球排名第8),然后正式宣布2月1日,西甲维拉雷亚尔俱乐部引进了前金男孩奖得主帕托,转会费为1800万欧元。 。同时,在卡纳瓦罗的亲自挑选下,车队在3月再次投入巨资从阿联酋俱乐部阿里引进韩国国际后卫权庆元,后者也成为唯一一支经历过权军千海改变外援的人。

After spending a lot of money to introduce two world-class foreign aids, the wealthy Tianjin Quanjian continued to target good domestic players in major clubs. They introduced midfielders Wang Yongpo, Shandong Luneng Taishan in the winter window of the 2017 season. An amazing transfer fee of nearly 100 million yuan was introduced from Liaoning to defender Yang Shanping, from Guangzhou R&F to full-back Wang Xiaolong, and from Shijiazhuang Yongchang to full-back Mi Haolun. In the 2017 summer window transfer period, Tianjin Quanjian, who had a pretty good record at the time, still did not stop buying new aid. They officially announced the introduction of midfielder Pei Shuai from Changchun Yatai on July 1, 2017. 、On July 13th it was officially announced that the French forward Modeste had been introduced from Cologne in the Bundesliga (According to foreign media reports, Modeste first joined Tianjin Quanjian on loan of 6 million euros for two years, and the contract also included up to 29 million euros. Buyout clause).


Even if Tianjin Quanjian's senior management is wealthy, they never imagined that Cannavaro could lead Tianjin Quanjian to achieve such excellent results in his debut season in the Super League. Quan Jian scored 15 wins, 9 draws and 6 losses in the 30 Super League games in the 2017 season, ranking third in the league with 54 points, and successfully completed the feat of reaching the top three as a promoted horse and qualifying for the AFC Champions League.


Throughout the history of Tianjin Quanjian’s campaign that season, even though they had Brazilian striker Pato who had played for Milan on the front line and the Bundesliga bronze boot Modeste who came to the team in the middle of the season, these two players have come. The team has not been in the game for a long time and has not yet fully integrated into Caravaro's technical and tactical system. Therefore, Tianjin Quanjian scored only 46 goals this season, ranking first among the top 7 in the Chinese Super League. However, the reason why Tianjin Quanjian was able to beat Shandong Luneng and other teams to win the third place in the Super League without many goals is because Golden Globe defender Cannavaro used his excellent understanding of defense to build Tianjin Quanjian. Out of a set of top Asian defense lines. In the 2017 season, Tianjin Quanjian's solid defense only conceded 33 goals in 30 games, conceding only 1.1 goals per game. It was the most stable defensive team in the Super League that season.


Being able to achieve such outstanding results as a newly promoted team, Cannavaro, the previously mediocre head coach, naturally has an indelible contribution. It is also in this context that the Chinese Super class leader Guangzhou Evergrande intends to re-appoint this Head coach. From Cannavaro’s point of view, the Quanjian Group represented by Shu Yuhui does know him well, but his long-term coaching in Tianjin Quanjian is for him who wants to use Asian football as a springboard to gain Europe. The head coach favored by the club is not very helpful. If you can join a football club with a high status in Asian football like Guangzhou Evergrande, you will not only get more opportunities to face top teams, but also attract the attention of European clubs. It is under this psychological drive that Cannavaro resigned from the position of head coach of Tianjin Quanjian Football Club shortly after the end of the 2017 Super League season and moved to Guangzhou Evergrande with an annual salary of 12 million euros.


In the 2018 AFC Champions League group stage, Tianjin Quanjian finally finished with 6 matches, 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. With a record of 13 points, they ranked second in the group and successfully qualified. Among them, they were able to defeat Jeonbuk Hyundai in the first round 3:6. Under the circumstances, the face back with 4:2 in the second round was also considered to be one of the few bright spots of the Super League team in the AFC. In the 1/8 finals of the 2018 AFC Champions League, Tianjin Quanjian ran into Guangzhou Evergrande, coached by former head coach Cannavaro. In the case of general disapproval, Tianjin Quanjian finally scored 2:2. The total score drew with Guangzhou Evergrande, relying on the advantage of two away goals to eliminate the Super League class tyrants and advance to the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League.


Considering that the other two Chinese Super League teams, Shanghai SIPG and Guangzhou Evergrande, both fell in the 1/8 finals, Tianjin Quanjian also became the only Chinese Super League team that could reach the quarter-finals of the AFC. They eventually lost 0:5 in the two rounds with Kashima Antlers, but Tianjin Quanjian was already facing internal and external troubles, and it was reasonable that it was difficult to win against the powerful Japanese team.


In the summer window of the 2017 season, Tianjin Quanjian finally spent a lot of money to win the Bundesliga bronze boots after many negotiations with the Cologne club. The young French forward also won in the last 14 rounds of the 2017 Super League. With 8 appearances and scoring 7 valuable goals, his ability has been fully recognized by the club's top management and fans. Before the start of the 2018 season, Modeste was recognized as one of the most powerful contenders for the Chinese Super League Golden Boot. He also helped Quan Jian score 4 goals in 12 games in the first half of the league.


With a good performance, Modeste also pays more attention to his contract. The French forward has repeatedly negotiated with the club's senior management before the start of the 2018 season, hoping to fulfill some of the bonus clauses in the previous contract as soon as possible. With the gradual deepening of the season, the introduction of two major events further deepened the contradiction between Modeste and the club: 1. Ding Yong, who played an important role in modest joining Tianjin Quanjian before, was adjusted out of power. The management team of the health club made Modeste believe that some of the verbal agreements he had reached with Ding Yong may be ruined (according to media reports, Ding Yong had previously verbally promised to give Modeste a 10 million euros Image endorsement fee). More importantly, the loss of a middleman like Ding Yong has almost completely cut the connection between the French forward and the boss Shu Yuhui; 2. The Chinese Football Association further adjusted the adjustment fee policy to ensure the healthy development of the league. Let Tianjin Quanjian's initial plan to buy out Modest after two years of loan was completely disrupted, and the club's senior officials began to waver on the implementation of this agreement.

凭借出色的表现,莫德斯特也更加关注他的合同。这位法国前锋已经在2018赛季开始之前与俱乐部的高层管理层反复谈判,希望尽快履行之前合同中的某些奖金条款。随着赛季的逐渐加深,两项重大赛事的推出进一步加深了莫德斯特与俱乐部之间的矛盾:1.丁勇以前曾在适度加入天津全剑中发挥了重要作用,但已被调整出局。健身俱乐部的管理团队让莫德斯特相信,他与丁勇达成的一些口头协议可能会毁了(根据媒体报道,丁勇此前曾口头答应给莫德斯特一笔1000万欧元的形象代言费)。更重要的是,失去像丁勇这样的中间人几乎完全切断了法国前锋和老板舒玉辉之间的联系。 2.中国足协进一步调整了调整费政策,以确保联赛的健康发展。在两年的贷款之后,让天津全建收购摩德的最初计划完全被打乱了,俱乐部的高级官员开始对这项协议的执行动摇。

In this context, Modeste has been absent from team training for various unprovoked reasons from the intermittent period of the 2018 season, and has repeatedly threatened the club's top management to pay a series of fees previously promised to him through emails and other methods. . Although Tianjin Quanjian’s senior officials have repeatedly expressed to Modeste’s hope that they can return to China as soon as possible to resolve this dispute peacefully, Modeste has left China since August and declared to many foreign media that Tianjin Quanjian has seriously violated. After signing the contract with him before, he has regained his freedom at this time and can accept the signing of any club. After conducting this series of so-called "self-certified innocence" behaviors, Modeste contacted a number of German teams in an attempt to transfer to the FIFA when Quan Jian had not filed a lawsuit in time, but Tianjin Quan Jian's public relations team used various methods to stop it during this period, and issued solemn warnings to many German clubs that Modest had previously contacted in private.

在这种情况下,从2018赛季的间歇期起,莫德斯特因各种原因无缘缺席了团队训练,并一再威胁俱乐部的最高管理层要支付之前通过电子邮件和其他方式向他承诺的一系列费用。 。尽管天津泉建的高级官员多次表达了莫德斯特的希望,他们希望他们能尽快回到中国以和平解决这一争端,但莫德斯特自8月起已离开中国,并向许多外国媒体宣布,天津泉建严重违反了该条约。在与他签订合同之后,他此时已恢复了自由,可以接受任何俱乐部的签字。在进行了一系列所谓的“自我证明的无罪”行为后,当权健没有及时提起诉讼时,摩德斯特联系了许多德国队,试图转移到国际足联,但天津权健的公关团队使用了在此期间,有各种各样的方法来阻止它,并向摩德斯特以前私下联系过的许多德国俱乐部发出了庄严的警告。

According to normal circumstances, Modeste has nothing to do at this time and can only honestly return to the club to accept punishment. However, when everyone on the sidelines thinks that this farce will settle down, Modeste suddenly takes A series of videos and audio recordings were produced during negotiations with the representative of Quan Jian at the time. The French forward believed that a series of bonuses that Ding Yong’s team had verbally agreed with him during the negotiation process should be effective, and the executives of the Quan Jian club should give him “responses”. Cost more than 10 million euros. However, according to the response of Shu Yuhui, the owner of Tianjin Quanjian Club at the time, in an interview, Modest and Ding Yong’s agreement on a series of image endorsement fees did not form any written agreement, and the two parties were only in the negotiation process. After the Dongchuang incident, Modeste used a video recording of the negotiation process to ask the senior management of Quanjian Club for a fee. Shu Yuhui said: “Anything can be spoken during the negotiation process, and anything can be sent. However, an agreement that is not written in writing is not legally effective. We must not interpret it as a contract clause.”


On November 18, 2018, after a three-month tug-of-war with Tianjin Quanjian, the Cologne Club officially announced that Modeste had obtained FIFA-approved qualification to play the game. The French forward He has officially terminated the contract with Quan Jian. It was also in the above-mentioned context that Modest had regained his free status at the time, and he immediately signed a four-year contract with his old club Cologne. At that time, Tianjin Quanjian immediately issued a statement saying that he would fight to the end. However, considering that FIFA has fully approved Modest and Quanjian’s termination of the contract, Tianjin Quanjian could only accept it in desperation. This fact.


Compared with the complicated story of Modest and the club's top management, the departure of another foreign aid Witsel in the 2018 season is much simpler. After helping the Belgian national team to achieve the third place in the 2018 Russia World Cup as a main force, the Bundesliga giant Dortmund suddenly announced without warning that it would be poached from Tianjin Quanjian Witsel in the form of paying liquidated damages. The news came out. Undoubtedly aroused a thousand waves. Although from the contract point of view, Dortmund paid liquidated damages to take away Witsel and there is no breach of contract, but from a logical point of view, if Witsel wants to leave the team early, why not notify the club executives before the transfer window closes , Instead of leaving a mess after closing the window?


However, the facts cannot be changed. After Tianjin Quanjian has gone through an intermittent period, he suddenly lost the two top foreign players in the center and front field. Naturally, the club’s competitiveness in the Super League has also plummeted, if it were not for their Brazilian striker Pato. In the final key battle for relegation, he has repeatedly contributed to the team's key performance. Perhaps Tianjin Quanjian, who is short of soldiers, will be difficult to complete relegation in the 2018 season.


On December 25, 2018, Dingxiangyuan published an article titled "Ten Billion Healthcare Empire Quanjian, and the Chinese Families in Its Shadow" on social platforms. The article cited a girl who used Quanjian’s products because of Abandoning regular treatment and finally regretting his death as an introduction has revealed the so-called sordid nature of the health care empire of Quanjian Group. As soon as the article was published, it caused an uproar in Chinese society. Although Quanjian Group immediately issued a statement accusing Dingxiangyuan from the media of “using the Internet to slander Quanjian Group for no reason, seriously infringing on Quanjian’s legal rights and interests, and causing the general public to treat Quanjian. The brand is misinterpreted.” However, with Dingxiangyuan’s insistence on the truth and the subsequent series of fraudulent deceptions by Quanjian Group, Tianjin Public Security Bureau officially challenged Quanjian Natural Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. on January 1, 2019. The crime of organizing and leading pyramid schemes and the crime of false advertising were filed for investigation. Only less than a week later, the Tianjin Public Security Bureau announced that 18 suspects of the Quanjian Group including Shu Yuhui were detained in accordance with the law.


It is also in the context of the total collapse of Quanjian Group that Tianjin Quanjian Club, a subsidiary of Quanjian Group, can hardly stand alone. They officially changed their name to Tianjin Tianhai Football Club on January 10, 2019. On January 14, 2019, the Chinese Football Association issued the "Announcement on the Rename of Tianjin Quanjian Football Club Co., Ltd." on its official website, officially agreeing to change the name of Tianjin Quanjian Football Club to Tianjin Tianhai Football Club, Tianjin Quanjian 2017 The "golden home team" that was promoted to the Chinese Super League every year has gone from existence to nothing in just two years.


For the Tianjin Quanjian Club at that time, the impact of the collapse of the fund owners behind them was by no means limited to the renaming level. Because the huge amount of funds that Quanjian Group could hold was all frozen, Tianjin Tianhai, which had just been renamed, could not do as before. That's the way to carry out the big money signing operation. Not only that, because of financial difficulties, the team had no choice but to terminate the contract with the previously agreed South Korean coach Cui Kangxi, and instead let the local coach Shen Xiangfu take over the task to lead the team for the 2019 season. In terms of players, the Brazilian forward Pato, who almost helped the team to complete relegation hardly in the 2018 season, was not satisfied with the current situation of the team and moved to the Sao Paulo club in Brazil. At the beginning, Shu Yuhui spent a lot of money to introduce the four majors. The only foreign aid left is South Korean defender Quan Kyungwon.


In order to fill the huge player vacancy, Tianjin Tianhai successively introduced Alan, Zhang Chenglin, Liao Lisheng, Wen Jiabao and Fang Jingqi from Guangzhou Evergrande in the form of loan, and then rented Renaldi from Guangzhou R&F, Shandong Luneng Taishan and other teams. Neo, Yao Junsheng and others. On the whole, Tianjin Tianhai has temporarily re-saturated the team's lineup with a large number of main players "fleeing" with a large number of loan operations. However, considering that this batch of loaned players has been rushed to the team, it is difficult to form proficiency in time. In addition, players generally do not have much experience in the top league, so it is difficult to show their due technical and tactical level under the encirclement and suppression of the Chinese Super League teams. In this context, Tianjin Tianhai was completely reduced to a relegation team in the 2019 season.

为了填补巨大的空缺,天津天海先后以贷款的形式从广州恒大引进了艾伦,张成林,廖立生,温家宝和方景琪,然后从广州富力,山东鲁能泰山等球队租用了雷纳尔迪。 Neo,姚俊生等。总体而言,天津天海已通过大量逃跑和大量贷款操作的主要参与者暂时使球队的阵容重新饱和。但是,考虑到这批借来的球员已经被赶到了队伍中,很难及时地熟练。此外,球员通常没有太多的顶级联赛经验,因此很难在中国超级联赛球队的包围和压制下展现他们应有的技术和战术水平。在这种情况下,天津天海在2019赛季被完全降级为保级球队。

Although the huge decline in strength is a key factor in Tianjin Tianhai's downturn in the 2019 season, we should not ignore the loss of points caused by the club's coaching team's decision-making errors in certain key games. Both Shen Xiangfu and South Korean coach Park Zhongjun appointed by the Tianjin Tianhai club executives in the 2019 season did not help the team to find their own tactics until October 8, 2019. Tianhai officially announced the former Tianjin Quanjian deputy general manager and team leader Li Weifeng Formally serving as the head of the coaching staff, the team's poor and weak situation in the league has been improved to a certain extent.


After Li Weifeng took office, he abandoned some of the unrealistic tactics and strategies of former coach Park Chung-kyun that were too aesthetically pursued, and instead developed tactics that were more tailored to the individual characteristics of the players based on the existing main lineup. Tianjin Tianhai was not like the past during the game. The same blind pursuit of ball possession, but to make full use of No. 9 Yang Xu's fulcrum role to take more concise and clear high-altitude ball operations. At the same time, Renaldinho, Alan and Leonardo, who are ambushing next to high center Yang Xu, can use their own speed advantages to make a forward thrust on the left and right sides. Li Weifeng's tactics seemed simple, but they worked well when the team urgently needed points to relegation.


In the last 5 games of Tianjin Tianhai led by Li Weifeng, the former national football defender helped Tianjin Tianhai achieve a good result of 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses (October 18, 2019, defeated Wuhan Zall 3:1 at home, 2019 Draw with Beijing Renhe 2:2 at home on October 27, Lost to Henan Jianye 1:2 away on November 22, 2019, beat Dalian Renhe at home 5:1 on November 27, 2019, December 1, 2019 Japan lost 0:2 away to Jiangsu Suning). It was the key 7 points scored in these 5 games that allowed them to surpass Shenzhen Kaisa in the standings to the third-to-last position, and gave this newly promoted horse from Shenzhen the final awkward relegation season result. Let’s leave aside how brilliant Li Weifeng’s personal tactics for the players up and down after coming to the team are. This "former top Asian defender" who has a lofty status in the hearts of domestic players can at least unite the locker room and the players. Facing the relegation battle after another at the end of the season with a more calm mental state.

在李玮峰带领下的天津天海的最后5场比赛中,这位前国家足球后卫帮助天津天海取得2胜1平2负的好成绩(2019年10月18日,在2019年主场3:1击败武汉Zall的情况下) 10月27日在北京仁和2:2在家抽签,2019年11月22日客场输给河南建业1:2,2019年11月27日以5:1击败大连仁和,2019年12月1日日本输了0:2前往江苏苏宁)。正是这五场比赛中关键的7分,使他们在积分榜上超越了深圳凯萨,获得了倒数第三的位置,使这名来自深圳的新晋马队最终获得了尴尬的降级赛季成绩。让我们撇开李伟峰加入团队后对球员的个人战术有多么出色。这位在国内球员心中享有崇高地位的“前亚洲顶级后卫”至少可以将更衣室和球员团结在一起。在赛季末以更加平静的心理状态面对保级战。

After the end of the 2019 Super League season, Tianjin Tianhai started the winter training phase at the Kunming Hongta training base after the adjustment of the New Year holiday. However, as the winter transfer window of the 2020 season gradually kicked off, Tianjin Tianhai’s coaching team found that the club at this time had no funds to bring in personnel for the team. Not only that, with the improvised leases for the 2019 season Players have returned to the home team because of the expiration of their contracts. This also resulted in Tianjin Tianhai only having 17 first-team players left in a short period of time (there are only two foreign players, Brazil forward Leonardo and South Korean defender Song Zhu smoke).


On February 23, 2020, Tianjin Tianhai suddenly officially announced that the team will officially end the closed training camp at Kunming Hongta Base on February 24, and the players have returned to Tianjin for vacation. The news immediately triggered heated discussions in the media. Some people think that Tianjin Tianhai’s holiday is “unreasonable” and that the country is at a critical stage of fighting the epidemic. Major clubs hope to gather players for unified management. Why Tianjin Tianhai voluntarily gave up Is the ongoing training camp instead of letting the players go home on holiday? Does this mean that the life of Tianjin Tianhai has come to an end? Some people think that Tianjin Tianhai’s holiday is “reasonable”. Taking into account the team’s limited funds, Tianjin Tianhai’s winter training location was not selected abroad, and their Kunming Hongta base lacks warm-up opponents. The team is conducting daily. A single training can easily cause players to feel bored.


On March 5, 2020, Tianjin Tianhai Club suddenly issued the title "Announcement on Proposing to Transfer All Equity of Tianjin Tianhai Club for Zero Yuan to Foreigners". The announcement stated that the club has reached a critical point of life and death, so it reluctantly made love. It is difficult to decide to transfer all the shares of the club for zero yuan. The current total valuation of Tianjin Tianhai Club is between 660 million and 770 million yuan.


Two days later, the Chinese Football Association responded to the Tianjin Tianhai zero yuan transfer event: The Chinese Football Association requires Tianjin Tianhai clubs to submit review information before March 12, or they will be disqualified from participating in the 2020 Super League. This response means that there is only less than a week left for Tianjin Tianhai Club to find a successor. If they cannot submit the review information for the 2020 season to the Football Association on time, this Tianjin football club has returned to the top league since the 2017 season. The team will officially bid farewell to Chinese football.


Although large companies such as Sunac and Wantong have reported in the media that they intend to take over Tianhai, according to the current complex investor background of Tianjin Tianhai, it is basically impossible for the club to complete a quick transfer in just one week. Things done. Why do you say this?


First of all, Quanjian Group still owns all shares of Tianjin Tianhai Football Club. The so-called Tianhai Group is actually an asset of Quanjian Company. With Quanjian Group involved in multiple enforcement cases, it is not easy for Tianjin Tianhai Football Club to transfer its assets in a short period of time.


Second, the Chinese Football Association has previously issued a series of announcements on prohibiting the relocation of professional clubs. No matter who invests, clubs and teams cannot leave the scope of Tianjin. This rigid rule also greatly reduces the selection of candidates for Tianjin Tianhai. range. At the same time, although Tianjin Tianhai claims to transfer all of the team’s equity for zero yuan, we must not forget that this club currently owes many foreign debts (according to incomplete statistics, Tianjin Tianhai needs to pay close to Paul Sousa’s coaching team). A fine of 10 million Euros, a fine of 10 million Euros for Modest, and a fine of more than 10 million Euros for Cui Kangxi’s team. In this calculation, the receiving company must help Tianjin Tianhai pay nearly 30 million Euros for free in a short period of time, equivalent to A fine of 240 million yuan), how can any company dare to make such a major decision in less than one week?

其次,中国足协此前已发布了一系列禁止职业俱乐部迁址的公告。无论是谁投资,俱乐部和球队都不能离开天津的范围。严格的规定也大大减少了天津天海候选人的选择。范围。同时,尽管天津天海声称将球队的全部股权以零元的价格转让,但我们不要忘记该俱乐部目前欠许多外债(根据不完全统计,天津天海需要向保罗·索萨的教练团队支付近赔款) 。处以1000万欧元的罚款,对谦虚处以1000万欧元的罚款,对崔康熙的小组处以1000万欧元以上的罚款。在这一计算中,接收公司必须帮助天津天海在短时间内免费支付近3000万欧元(相当于2.4亿元人民币的罚款),任何公司都敢在不到一个的时间内做出如此重大的决定。周?

Third, because the Chinese Football Association’s policy on the Chinese Super League has always been vacillating, and even in certain periods of time, there have been "day-to-day changes". This turbulent situation has also discouraged major companies that originally wanted to enter the football industry. It has become a key factor hindering the rapid transfer of Tianjin Tianhai Club.


"You will never think of what will happen in the next second." This sentence cannot be described as appropriate to the current Tianjin Tianhai Club: from the eagerness to try when Quanjian Group entered the main team in 2015, the ambition to succeed in 2016. In 2017, he won the third place in the Chinese Super League as a newly promoted horse. The follow-up gold owner had an accident and the club's funds were in distress, and then announced the unconditional transfer of zero yuan. This football club from Tianjin can be said to have tasted the despair from life to death in just 5 years, and it has also gained joy from death to life. But from another point of view, today’s various “experiences” are not a bad thing for Tianjin Tianhai, whose strength on paper is limited. Players can honed a more determined heart through this series of events. The overall sense of resilience, perhaps this experience will also inspire this Tianjin club towards a glorious future.


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