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亚博体彩官网登录_身兼数职马不停蹄 杜锋:今年是教练生涯最难一年

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There is only less than a week left before the opening of the new CBA season.


In the past year, Du Feng has a lot of new labels on his body. Some people say that he is "poisonous", and you can see where the potential of young players is. Others say that he is good at "beating chicken blood" and can make it look like Wuqi's players showed amazing performance; more people discovered his "alternative internet celebrity" side, and the sidelines continued to lead the trend. But no matter what, Du Feng is recognized as an excellent coach. The best proof is that he won the CBA Best Coach Award for two consecutive seasons. When facing an exclusive interview with Nandu Sports, this smart, hard-working, witty and stern coach said bluntly that he is more willing to face the glory and disgrace of the outside world with a calm heart, and hopes that fans can treat it with a peaceful and tolerant attitude. The future of the team.


专题采写:南都记者 汪雅云 实习生 张诚斌

专题采写:南都记者 汪雅云 实习生 张诚斌

Nandu: The new season is about to begin. Could you please tell us how the Guangdong team is preparing for the past two months?


Du Feng: The final stage of last season did not end until mid-August. The start time of this year has also been advanced from November to October in previous years. This gives the team little time to rest and adjust, especially after the national team training, it needs rest and adjustment. The entire preparation and training time is less than one month. For all players, physical and mental fatigue is a difficulty. Therefore, during this period I try to shorten the team training time, although the preparation time is inherently short. But I don't want everyone to be too tired. This season is longer and there are more matches. I plan to slowly adjust everyone's state through the game.


Nandu: The overall team lineup has not changed much in the new season. The inside line has been weakened due to the absence of UAE. Will there be any worries?


Du Feng: Before the start of the new season, every club is recruiting and adjusting teams as needed. The importance of the inside players is self-evident. The absence of UAE has a great impact on the team. His role on both offensive and defensive ends is particularly great, so I think this year is the most difficult year for the team, and it is also my coach. The most difficult year of my career will be a very, very cold winter.


Nandu: If this is the case, will the team consider finding a big foreign aid to make up for the internal shortcomings?


Du Feng: Now let's watch it first, and don't look for it directly. I will choose if there is a need in the process of playing.


Nandu: If there is no suitable inside and outside aid, how to make good use of the young inside players in the current team?


Du Feng: This is an opportunity for young players. They will get more playing time. But how can they seize the opportunity to reflect on the court and display what they have learned? This requires them to stay focused, start from training, and ensure the basic training level. There is no one who can replace the UAE in China. The gap between the young players and him is very large. At least this year is still very difficult.


Nandu: Many old opponents have made targeted reinforcements. How do you view the overall situation this year?


Du Feng: This year, both Beijing Enterprises and Shougang have greatly improved their personnel.


Nandu: Many teams may make targeted tactical designs for Guangdong Hongyuan's weakened internal line. How does the team currently plan to respond?


Du Feng: The coaches will consider and prepare targeted strategies, but they still need capable and powerful players to execute them. So this is the most difficult one, and it is also a relatively large shortcoming.


Nandu: But the fans' expectations and expectations for Hongyuan are still high, and everyone is still optimistic about the Guangdong team winning the championship.


Du Feng: Special thanks to the fans for their attention and expectations. Without their support, there would be no team today. But I have always wanted to talk to fans and friends about the current situation. I (20) came back from the national team in 18 years, when Hongyuan was eliminated by Liaoning in the semifinals. When I took over, many people said that the favorites for the championship were the Beijing team, the Liaoning team and the Xinjiang team, not including Guangdong Hongyuan. In fact, everyone had a normal expectation for the Guangdong Hongyuan team at that time, because some outstanding athletes such as Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng, me, Chen Jianghua, Liu Xiaoyu, Su Wei, Wang Zheng and other core players have left the team. This team is no longer the team that won seven or eight championships before. After six years of hard work, we won the championship again in the 2018-2019 season, and we also created the longest winning streak in team history and even CBA history last season. Everyone’s expectations have been raised to a new height. Think Guangdong Hongyuan should win and must win.

杜锋:特别感谢球迷的关注和期望。没有他们的支持,今天将没有团队。但我一直想与粉丝和朋友谈论当前的情况。我(20岁)从国家队回来的18年中,在半决赛中辽宁淘汰了宏远。当我接任时,很多人说冠亚博体彩官网登录军的最爱是北京队,辽宁队和新疆队,不包括广东宏远。实际上,当时每个人对广东宏远队都有正常的期望,因为朱芳雨,王仕鹏,我,陈江华,刘晓宇,苏伟,王铮等核心运动员已经离开了球队。 。这支球队不再是之前赢得七八次冠军的球队。经过六年的努力,我们在2018-2019赛季再次获得了冠军,我们还创造了队史乃至上赛季CBA历史上最长的连胜纪录。每个人的期望都提高到了新的高度。认为广东宏远应该赢,必须赢。

Guangdong Hongyuan’s victory in the past two years is inseparable from the growth of young players, but training young players is actually very hard and tiring, and there will be no less detours. If the team wants to achieve results, it will have to bear more pressure and responsibilities. . After winning the championship last season, everyone's expectations and expectations for the team have further improved. I also want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thoughts to all fans and friends: I hope everyone can understand the growing situation of the young players in the team and give them more tolerance and support. Special thanks to everyone for your support to the team, but the team will continue to be more and more difficult in the next few years. The difficulties and challenges faced by the replacement of players are huge. I hope everyone can go through this severe cold with a normal heart. winter.

广东宏远在过去两年的胜利与年轻球员的成长密不可分,但是训练年轻球员实际上是非常艰苦和累人的,绕道也不会少。如果团队想要取得成果,它将不得不承担更大的压力和责任。 。上赛季夺得冠军后,每个人对球队的期望和期望进一步提高。我也想借此机会向所有球迷和朋友表达我的由衷的祝愿:希望每个人都能了解年轻球员在球队中的成长情况,并给予他们更多的宽容和支持。特别感谢大家对团队的支持,但是在接下来的几年中,团队将变得越来越困难。更换球员面临的困难和挑战是巨大的。我希望每个人都能怀着一颗正常的心经历这重感冒。冬季。

Nandu: In the past season, you have actually seen many young players get more playing time. How do you see the changes in these young players?


Du Feng: Major rotation players like Xu Jie, Xiao Du, Hu Mingxuan, after two seasons, their mentality and ability to grasp the key ball have reached a big step, but the prerequisite for growth is to have old players take them to play together. If they want to become the masters on the court, they need to go through a long period of time and accumulate a lot of experience, so that they can sublimate their leadership skills on the court. In the game, many players have high-light performance, but to continue to maintain such a good state, you need to slowly improve the psychological endurance and self-regulation ability.


Nandu: You said on Weibo that you recently took your team members to watch the "Win the Championship" movie. Why did you think of this event?


Du Feng: I grew up in the sports world. My parents are both volleyball players and coaches. They played volleyball since I was a child. I have also heard my parents tell stories about women's volleyball. The previous generation of athletes lacked good material support, but they still gave the most precious youth of their lives to this sport. This kind of sportsmanship needs to be continued and passed on. I want to use this movie to let everyone better understand the spirit of women's volleyball, and also to let the players understand the spirit of all the athletes and all the comrades in their respective positions in the previous era. I hope this can lead them. Inspire them. I also hope that in this way, the young team members will have more mission and sense of responsibility.


Nandu: But the environment facing young players today may be very different from before. For example, everyone will pay attention to things like popularity and traffic, and even the so-called "rice circle culture" is already surrounding them. Do you think this will affect the players' mentality? How do you view this phenomenon?


Du Feng: The times are constantly advancing, and the self-media is now very developed. This phenomenon is acceptable to everyone. Some players will be sought after by many fans, but I hope these children can do their jobs more steadily, instead of seeing media reports, fan pursuits or one or two games intoxicated or even intoxicated. I always tell them that the championship is yesterday, and the results are yesterday. Every day is a new start and a new challenge. But how to maintain a good condition every day, you need to cultivate good habits yourself. I have been instilling and guiding the young team members in this regard. I also keep reminding everyone that being really handsome is embodied in doing the best on the court. Young players must know that they are loved and sought after by fans because of the sport of basketball. So they have to do it better, give back to the sport, and drive more young people to participate in it. This is the direction the young team members strive for.


Nandu: This time the Chinese men's basketball training camp, there are also many young players joining, many even after 00. What do you think are the characteristics of these younger generations? What are your hopes for them?


Du Feng: I borrowed a question asked by Lilang in "Win the Championship": "Do you love volleyball?" On the first day of the national team registration, I also asked the players: "Why do you want to play basketball?" I let everyone Answer in three aspects: Why do you come to the national team, why do you come to the national team, how did you come to the national team? The answers of many players at that time did not show their high commitment and love. After discovering this, I continued to discover their love from the heart in the training camp, and guided them to put their energy and time into it.


Although the national team training only lasted 20 days, we actually did a lot of things. I remember that Hu Jinqiu told me at the Yao Foundation Charity Tournament this time: "Guide Du, the two team members who came back from our training said that Du has taught a lot of things. He is not as fierce as he said on the Internet. In fact, he is very good." I am very happy to hear this. In these 20 days, players have different perceptions of what they have learned, including improving their abilities as soon as possible, fighting for positions and playing time, and continuously promoting team improvement. In the summary meeting at the end of the training camp, many players concluded very well. They showed the changes that the short 20 days of training have given them. As a coach, I am particularly pleased to see these players have such gains and progress.


Nandu: So what do you think these new generation players need to improve most?


Du Feng: What young players need most is to have a clear sense of self-worth. Before I chatted with a member of the national training team, and when he had more fans than me, I asked him: "Does everyone like you because you play well? Or because you post on social media? Self-portrait or something?" I told him that young players need to be more steadfast, knowing that they are loved by others because of the sport of basketball. When I talked to him about this after the training camp, he was completely different. I think this is where the spirit of young people lies. Now the ability of these young people to recognize and accept things will bring more hope to Chinese basketball.


Nandu: At present, the Chinese men's basketball team is still in a low period. Everyone has high expectations of you. Will there be a lot of pressure?


Du Feng: The current state of the national team cannot be changed by one or two people. It requires all basketball players to face and change together. For a simple example, you can think about it. From the 2008 Olympic lineup to 2019, Why can only the UAE still remain in the national team's 12-man roster? Now there are more and more exciting games in the CBA, but the top 20 in the rankings are basically foreign players, and there are too few domestic players on the list. All the key games are controlled by foreign players. Young players have less and less training value in the domestic league, and they pin their hopes on the 8-10 warm-up games of the national team, or one or two months of training. It is unrealistic to get change and promotion.


I have discussed this issue with Chairman Yao and the leaders of the association, so this year’s foreign aid policy aims to reduce the use of foreign aid, so that more domestic players have more time and nodes to dominate the game, so that young players can have more maturity in international competitions. More stable performance. I hope that more outstanding young players will emerge this year. I will also observe everyone through the game and promote outstanding young players to the national team. Sometimes being selected for the national team does not mean that the level of the player meets the requirements of the national team, but that he has a lot of room for development and potential. If he feels the atmosphere of the collective sense of honor and mission, he will It’s very good for the growth. I hope that more outstanding young players will grow up and become the cornerstone of the Chinese men's basketball team. This is also the happiness of Chinese basketball.


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