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亚博体彩的网址_中甲成都赛区举行多项团建活动 丰富赛区节日生活

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   Source of manuscript: China League One Official Account


   During the National Day holiday, the first stage of the 2020 China League One is still going on intensely. In order to relieve the physical and mental pressure of the players and enrich the festival life in the competition area, the Chengdu competition area took advantage of the intermission days to hold a number of team building competitions such as shooting, table tennis and PS e-sports. All teams and competition area staff actively participated.

在国庆长假期间,2020年中国联赛第一阶段的比赛仍在紧张进行。为了减轻运动员的身心压力,丰富比赛区的节日生活,成都比赛区利用中场休息日,举办了射击,乒乓球,PS e-体育。所有团队和竞赛区工作人员都积极参与。

   (Prizes provided by: Xiaomi)


  Basketball is a popular entertainment in the competition area. On offseason days, people can often see people sweating on the basketball court. The shooting competition is also the most enrolled in various team building activities. A total of 18 players from the team and the organizing committee working group signed up. Before the game, many contestants came to the basketball court to practice early, hoping to have a good feel during the game.


   In the game, each contestant has to take 20 shots from outside the three-point line, and the player with the more hits wins. If there is a player with the same number of hits among the current three, an extra match will be required to rank. The shooting game attracted many players and staff to watch the game, and the atmosphere was warm and pleasant.


   The players who usually compete on the green court have the same skill on the basketball court. Even the foreign aid Augusto of the Hohhot team came to the game to try their skills.


  Tong Jie, who played on behalf of the organizing committee, played well in the game, hitting 10 goals with a 50% shooting rate. This advantage remained until the end of the game and won the championship without any dispute. In addition, four players hit 9 goals. After a playoff, Zeng Ming from the Hohhot team won the second place, and another contestant from the organizing committee Huang Song won the third place. The organizing committee of the competition area awarded certificates and prizes sponsored by Xiaomi to the top three players.


   The table tennis competition was held in the hotel where the team is located. A total of 16 players from the team and the organizing committee working group signed up. The contestants were divided into the upper and lower halves for fierce competition.


   (Prizes provided by: Xiaomi)


In the upper half, Pan Hao from the Suzhou Soochow team maintained a hot state, and Lin Ke took the lead in entering the final; in the second half, Tong Jie, who represented the organizing committee, continued his previous competition He was in good condition in the shooting game, played steadily, and joined Pan Hao in the final.


   In the final, Pan Hao took the initiative to attack, leading the next game 11 to 8. In the second game, as the only candy bar player among all the participating players, Tong Jie quickly stabilized his position, reduced his mistakes, and took the initiative to strike and evened the game 11-7. In the deciding game, Tong Jie did not give Pan Hao any more chances, and defeated his opponent 11-4 neatly and won the table tennis championship. Pan Hao finished second, and Huang Zhenfei of the Hohhot team won the third place. The organizing committee of the competition area awarded certificates and prizes sponsored by Xiaomi to the top three players.


   In addition, the Chengdu Division also organized a PS live football e-sports competition. A total of 16 athletes and staff participated in this unique e-sports competition.


For people who love football, PS football game is an "indispensable" entertainment item in their amateur life. Although the players do not need to play with real swords and guns in normal training and games, the game is equipped with skills and tactics. , Strategic arrangements and other aspects are also a test of a player's comprehensive command ability. The formation of troops in the game shows the player's own coaching attributes.

对于热爱足球的人来说,PS足球游戏是其业余生活中不可或缺的娱乐项目。尽管玩家在正常的训练和游戏中不需要使用真正的剑和枪,但游戏配备了技巧和战术。 ,战略安排等方面也考验了玩家的综合指挥能力。游戏中部队的编队显示了玩家自己的教练属性。

   This blue zone PS e-sports competition is a single elimination system, each game time is 12 minutes. Live football e-sports matches have the cruelty of knockout matches and the dramatic and unpredictable nature of football matches. Many of the games have entered overtime and penalty shootouts, and the winners and losers are between the two. The e-sports game scene was full of laughter, and everyone cheered for the wonderful goal and sighed at the opportunity that e-sports players missed. Many players have come to cheer for their teammates.


   After fierce competition, Sheng Peng, a player from the Hohhot team, won the championship with a big effort in the final. The Beijinger and player Fu Jie came second, and the Chengdu Xingcheng Habitat player Meng Junjie won the third place. The organizing committee of the competition area awarded certificates, flowers and prizes such as razors, Bluetooth headsets and smart watches sponsored by Xiaomi to the top three contestants.


   Participants of various activities expressed their gratitude to the organizing committee for organizing these unique competitions. This is a very good adjustment and relaxation to the life of the competition area. After a short period of entertainment and relaxation, each team will step up to the final three rounds of the game, and will dedicate wonderful games to the fans with a better game state.


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