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Actual title: Manchester City's League start off, Wolf Village's wings were pierced


In this game, both sides played a good half of the game. In the first half, Manchester City rebelled against the guest and occupied the initiative. The Wolves team was paralyzed from the left attack due to Marsall's early injury. The defense was also full of loopholes, and fell behind by 2 goals in the half. ; But the situation changed suddenly in the second half. After Bodens pulled to the center and regained Traore, the devil muscle man regained the feeling of being the king of England last season. In 10 minutes, the Wolves threatened the blue moon 4 times. A cold sweat, and in the 78th minute Bordens crossed De Bruyne and assisted Jimenez to score. However, this was the only Wolves' goal in this game. Unable to give a fatal blow, and Jesus' stoppage time shot hit Cody fortunately to reflect into the net, Manchester City retreated all over and took the three-pointer.

在这场比赛中,双方都打出了不错的一半。上半场,曼城起义反抗客人并占据了主动权。由于Marsall的早期伤病,Wolves球队在左路进攻中瘫痪了。防守上也充满漏洞,上半场落后2个进球。 ;但是情况在下半年突然改变。在博登斯拉到中心并重新获得特拉奥雷之后,魔鬼般的肌肉男子重新恢复了上赛季成为英格兰国王的感觉。在10分钟内,狼队威胁了蓝色月亮4次。出冷汗,在第78分钟,博登斯越过De Bruyne,协助希门尼斯得分。但是,这是这场比赛中唯一的狼队进球。不能致命的一击,耶稣的停球时间使科迪幸运地射入了篮网,曼城撤退了三分球。



(Picture: De Bruyne's penalties helped the team get the first chance)

(图片:De Bruyne的罚球帮助球队获得了第一次机会)



It can be seen from this game that the Wolves, except for Marsar, in the summer window signings, the other three deals are more of a long-term investment in the future, but they have lost the two absolute main wolves of Doherty and Jota. On the other hand, the strength on paper has declined. Pedro Neto was eye-catching when he came off the bench last season. However, with the transfer of Jota this season, Neto, who has successfully become the main force, performed unsatisfactorily. As long as Wenagre can serve as a qualified substitute for the injured Honni Castro, the team does not need to buy Marsal as an emergency; Traore has served as the starting right-wing back for two consecutive rounds on the right to fill Doherty. However, he played very awkwardly in this position because of the offensive strength and the weak defensive. The second half of the game also allowed Boldens to close in, and he resumed his normal performance after placing Traoré. He made rapid progress in Boldens. , But Traore is unable to assume the main defensive responsibilities of the wing, Nuno's formation will be tested to a certain extent.

从这场比赛中可以看出,狼队(除了马萨尔队)在夏季签约时,其他三笔交易更多地是对未来的长期投资,但他们已经输掉了多赫蒂和若塔这两个绝对的主狼。 。另一方面,纸上的实力下降了。佩德罗·内托(Pedro Neto)上个赛季替补出场时引人注目。然而,随着本赛季乔塔的调动,成功地成为主力的内托表现不尽人意。只要Wenagre可以代替受伤的Honni Castro成为合格的替代者,车队就不必紧急购买Marsal。特拉奥雷(Traore)在右路连续两个回合中担任发球权的右后卫,以填补多赫蒂(Doherty)。但是,由于进攻力量和防守能力薄弱,他在这个位置上打得很尴尬。比赛的后半段也让Boldens进入,并且在安置Traoré之后他恢复了正常表现。他在Boldens取得了长足的进步。 ,但是特拉奥雷无法承担该侧翼的主要防御责任,努诺的阵型将在一定程度上受到考验。



(Picture: Traore needs to be closer to the opponent's baseline and goal)




Manchester City’s debut in the new season, the first half was almost perfect, Foden Jesus Sterling’s three small frontcourts were full of vitality, and De Bruyne could give them endless ammunition. After the Wolves’ change in the second half, the test came. Manchester City’s Ake and the rare starter Stones played well overall, but Ake was short as a central defender. He mainly relied on pre-judgment to compete for the top in high-altitude defense. , But it is difficult to react when the ball is missed in the first point and other unexpected situations. At the moment when Mendy's state is up and down, Ake will not rule out appearing as a starting left back in the future; another new aid, Ferran Torres, was originally As a substitute for the team introduced, this game also got a chance to debut. In a limited time, although Ferran Torres made several mistakes, he was not afraid of his first steps in England. In the future, he may play a miraculous effect as a substitute. It is also possible for Mahrez to play from the bench to the main force. After all, he is only 20 years old and he has a bright future (Majes: I have been beaten back by Foden again, can you not mention me).

曼彻斯特城在新亚博体彩的网址赛季的首次亮相,上半场几乎是完美的,弗登·耶稣·斯特林(Foden Jesus Sterling)的三个小前场充满了活力,德布鲁因可以给他们无尽的弹药。下半场狼队换人之后,测试来了。曼城队的阿克(Ake)和少有的先发球员斯通斯(Stones)整体表现不错,但阿克(Ake)作为中后卫的身材矮小。他主要依靠预先判断来争夺高空防守的头把交椅。 ,但是在第一点和其他意外情况下错过球时,很难做出反应。在Mendy的状态起伏不定的那一刻,Ake并不排除将来会作为起点离开。另一个新的辅助工具Ferran Torres最初是作为引进该队的替代者,此游戏也有机会亮相。在有限的时间内,尽管费兰·托雷斯(Ferran Torres)犯了一些错误,但他并不害怕踏入英格兰的第一步。将来,他可能会起到替代作用。 Mahrez也有可能从替补席上踢到主力。毕竟,他只有20岁,他拥有光明的前途(Majes:我又一次被Foden击败了,您不能提及我)。



(Picture: Aker performed well in his Manchester City debut)




In general, Manchester City has successfully completed the goal when many people are unable to appear on the bench due to injuries and have multiple faces. With the gradual return of the wounded, Manchester City will fully regain the Premier League championship; and Wolves. Although losing, the first two rounds of the league plus one League Cup and two defeats in three games have exposed some problems. Now that the transfer market has not yet closed, there is still room for continued trading to remedy, but you need to pay attention to the impact of FFP. In fact, if the Wolves are really willing to take a shot, they can directly learn from Everton, and with a chance of breaking the rules and sacrificing the price of next season’s European war, they will forcibly complete the lineup upgrade and focus on the domestic championships. You don't need to make such a big fight. How to make a decision depends on the decision of the wolf head.


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